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4 factors why NOT  invest in  country

— General economic downturn
— Unstable political situation
— Possibility of technological disasters
— Imposed sanctions
Investing abroad allows for risk mitigation and the transfer of capital and future income into another currency. It's essential to conduct an analysis of both external and internal economic factors in the region.
〽️ Currently, Asia is considered a promising region, and Thailand is the most favorable country for investments. Within Thailand, the leading region is Phuket due to the following factors: — Year-round tourism hub: 9.2 million tourists in 2022 — Adaptation of housing to European standards — International representatives of developers, architects, and investors — Support from government programs for regional development: Expo 2028, construction of international medical and marine centers, development of the island's transportation network — Annual demand growth, with a 2022 property purchase rate of 80.8% of the total number of villas and apartments available for sale

〽️ Another fundamental indicator of the continuous rise in property prices in Phuket is the ISLAND itself. Land resources are limited, with only 20% of the land suitable for development.

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