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〽️ Prime Pano is a complex with panoramic views from every villa overlooking the valley.

On the first floors, you'll find bedrooms, utility rooms, and parking spaces for cars. The top floor features a spacious kitchen with a dining area, an open terrace, and a pool. It is from here that you can enjoy the view of the valley in the sunlight.

Convenient Location:

  • Bang Tao Beach - 10 minutes away,
  • Boat Avenue - 8 minutes away.
  • Beautiful landscape on the property.
  • Designer and architectural solutions.

All of these factors will likely contribute to a minimum of 30-60% appreciation in property value after the villas are completed and put into use.

✅ My opinion: Definitely a wise choice to invest during the construction phase!

Feel free to leave your inquiry on the website, and I'll send you the complete information about the project! 🔥