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Schools in Phuket

Adapting children to a new place often holds us back from moving, especially when we're talking about changing countries.
On Phuket, there are schools in both English and Russian, depending on your goals regarding future universities. The school program is designed to prepare students for admission to international universities. All opportunities are available; it's up to us whether to make use of them or not.
I personally enrolled my children in BCIS, and I am very satisfied. Starting from the new academic year, they will attend HEADSTART. They are opening a new campus in the Laguna area, not far from our home.
Here is a list of Russian-speaking schools that follow Russian educational standards:

  1. Rawai Park School - Additional classes in creative writing
  2. ISP - Accredited by the International Educational Center Cambridge Assessment, issues Russian Federation certificates
  3. Russvet - More of an elective, represented in schools such as HEADSTART, QSI International School, and BCIS

There are also English-speaking schools:

  1. British International School
  2. UWC (United World Colleges) - Education in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program
  3. OAK Meadow - Diverse extracurricular activities: dance, sports sections, robotics, culinary arts
  4. BCIS - Choice between the Cambridge School Program or the French program, with its own campus under 24-hour surveillance
  5. HEADSTART - Cambridge program, starting from August ✅
  6. Buds International School - Only the junior school with classes of 5-7 students
  7. QSI International School - Represented in 29 countries worldwide, follows the American education system
  8. Darasamuth School - Blending Thai and British education methodologies
  9. Lighthouse International School - Member of the Cambridge International School Network

If your child doesn't speak English, you can start with a Russian-speaking school with additional English language classes and later transfer them to a fully English-speaking school. From personal observations, my children adapted to life in Phuket faster than I did.

📲 I'll share the contact of an education expert in Phuket — write to me.